Samsung announces built-in cookware range for Australia

Consumers want design and functionality when selecting major appliances and Samsung Electronics Australia’s built-in cookware range satisfies that market demand. Elegant and euro-chic in design, Samsung’s latest built-in cookware features intelligent twin convection ovens, sleek and sophisticated Induction cooktops, Ceramic cooktops and heavy-duty professional gas cooktops.

Samsung’s expanded range includes five built-in oven models, four of which – the BT621FSST, BT62CDBST, BT65FQBPSTand the Fast Cook FQ159UST – offer Samsung’s unique Twin Convection technology. These give consumers the ability to cook two separate dishes simultaneously at different temperatures, times, and functions without mixing aromas. An installed shelf automates the ovens dual control system and LED display, to ensure full control of both oven compartments. Removal of the shelf transforms the built-in unit into an over-sized oven perfect for larger dishes.

The five built-in ovens combine euro-elegance with unique Samsung expertise, allowing for a convenient and flexible experience. The built-in range is inspired by minimalist fashion, and features a tinted front window with stainless steel surround. Whether remodeling the kitchen or simply updating appliances, Samsung’s cookware range brings design, technology and continuity throughout the entire kitchen.

Samsung’s Induction and Ceramic cooktops compliment the kitchen with simplicity and style. Induction cooktops, while more energy efficient, are also one of the safest options as they are cool to the touch when turned on, until a pot or pan is placed on top of them and its temperature is as adjustable as gas. To accommodate different pots and pans, the new Ceramic cooktops operate from fingertip controls that can adjust the multi-purpose and double purpose zones. The double purpose hot plate can be modified to heat larger crockery and the multi-purpose zone can adapt to longer shaped dishes. This allows limitless cooking options to be prepared with ease. Also featuring child lock and auto shut off, Samsung recognises safety in the kitchen as paramount.

To satisfy the cooking traditionalist, Samsung’s range also offers a 4 burner cook top for those areas where it is the preferred method of cooking and electronic ignition plus auto flame failure for improved safety.

Pricing and features

Ovens – all available from June 2008

  • BT62CDBST – Twin Convection Dual Zone – $1,499
  • BT621FSS – Twin Convection Dual Zone – $999
  • BT65FQBPST – Twin Convection Dual Zone – $1,899
  • FQ159UST – Fast Cook – $1,499

Ceramic cooktops

  • C61RAAST – 2 single/2 fast, stainless steel frame- $699
  • C61RACN – 2 single/2 fast, slanted frame – $749
  • C61RCAST – stainless steel frame, 2 single elements, 1 double element, 1 oval element – $799
  • C61RCCN – slanted frame. 2 single elements, 1 double element,1 oval element – $849

Gas burner cooktop

  • GN643EFX – 60 cm, 4 burner, stainless steel – $399

Source: Samsung