Samsung makes a bigger 4K UDTV: 85 or 110 inch

Officially, the Consumer Electronics Show starts tomorrow, but here in Las Vegas, the news is being talked about today, and one of the popular items is Samsung’s take on Ultra Definition, with two massive screens coming to compete against available offerings from LG and Sony.

Designed for the premium end of the market, Samsung’s first stab at a 4K TV comes in two forms, with the S9 Ultra High Definition TV using Samsung’s own panel in either an 85 inch TV, or a massive 110 inch model.

Set in an industrial-look  ‘Timeless Gallery’ frame (that looks somewhat like the kickstands available for tablets), the screens appear to float within the frame, like an artwork. Tucked inside the displays is a quad-core processor for faster web browsing and multi-tasking between contents and apps, plus voice control and facial interaction.