Samsung Miniket VPM 110L

The rugged outdoors variant in the Miniket range is an ambitious concept for a camcorder, unfortunately not fully realised. The sports camera comes with a second ‘lipstick-cam’ connected by cable and housed in a sturdy rubber shock mount. The whole unit is small and fairly robust and is designed for use in extreme sports such as sky diving, where the second camera can be firmly attached to your helmet. Image quality is the big disappointment, with only a 640×480 pixel chip in the remote CMOS camera and the whole lot compressed to MPEG-4 on a 1 GB Memory Stick Pro.

Value for money
Ease of Use
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The sports concept and remote camera option, plus inclusion of sturdy shock mounts and straps.
Picture quality (MPEG-4) and audio quality (8-bit only) leave much to be desired. Clunky software.