Samsung Neo QLED and Lifestyle TVs get fancier

Samsung Neo QLED
Samsung provides sound and image enhancements for Neo QLED and Lifestyle TVs

The Samsung Neo QLED TV 2022 range is set to deliver improved colour precision and brightness, enhanced audio and a new Smart Hub.

“Screens are continually evolving and offering consumers new ways to use them in their everyday lives. Our TVs are getting smarter, and their uses are becoming more versatile as we shift into the next normal,”

Jeremy Senior, Vice President of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Electronics Australia

Shape Adaptive Light and Real Depth Enhancer

Introduced to Australia in 2021, Samsung’s premium Neo QLED TV range was the company’s first to be powered by Mini LED backlights, with the brightness of individual LEDs controlled by Quantum Matrix Pro technology. In 2022, this will be enhanced by Shape Adaptive Light that controls the shape of the light from the LEDs in real time, to enhance the accuracy of all shapes on the screen. “The result is outstanding image quality that puts pull HDR content on display,” according to Samsung.

This is joined by Real Depth Enhancer technology, which uses AI to enhance realism by rendering foreground objects against the background to create a greater sense of depth. 

Audio features that debuted in some 2021 Neo QLED TVs will now be available in 2022 models. True Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound ultilise multiple speakers within the TV to produce enveloping 3D sound and audio effects that “move along with” the onscreen visuals. And by synching sound from Neo QLED TV with a compatible Samsung soundbar, Q-Symphony 2.0 in Neo QLED TVs can provide a boosted audio experience overall.

Lifestyle TV

Samsung’s Lifestyle TV range will benefit from a new matte display intended to improve the clarity of screen images in brightly lit viewing spaces. Available on The Frame, The Serif and The Sero ranges, the display is designed to reduce light reflection, glare, and smudges from fingerprints.

Smart Hub refresh

All 2022 Smart TVs will come with a redesigned Smart Hub, which “puts content curation and discovery front and centre with their viewing preferences”, according to Samsung.

The Smart Hub will also integrate a Games Hub for cloud-based gaming from Stadia and NVIDA’s GeForce Now, an NFT platform for trading digital artwork, and the Watch Together app for group video chats while watching favourite shows…. although these features are yet to be confirmed for Australian customers.

Australian pricing and availability for Samsung 2022 Neo QLED and Lifestyle TVs are yet to be announced.

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