Samsung OLED, Neo QLED or projector. Which is best for your space?

Samsung Neo QLED 4K TV QN90C
Samsung QN90C Neo QLED 4K TV.
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Whether it’s a Samsung OLED, Neo QLED or projector, upgrading to a new, bigger TV packed with the latest tech can make a big difference to how your home feels and how you spend time there. The fundamental factor is the size of the screen, but it’s the other tech advances that elevate this and make it about more than just size.  

Which tech: OLED, Neo QLED or projector?

We are now well and truly in the age of the really big TV. With plenty of 4K content to play or even stream, your TV choice is no longer about “will I see a difference?” and more about “where can we wall mount this mighty thing?”. Which is part of why Samsung’s TVs are created with impressive design front of mind. An 85-inch TV is a large piece of kit but it still needs to integrate into, rather than dominate its space.

Not so long ago, choosing a really big screen meant having to compromise on where you could use the TV. Now, Samsung’s range of TV technologies means you decide where the TV will go, then choose the appropriate model. 

Have a dedicated cinema room or space well away from windows? Samsung’s OLED Smart TVs could give you that cinematic feel with incredible colour and depth of contrast1

Have a big breezy living space drenched in natural light? That won’t faze Samsung’s Neo QLED displays2

Worried that neither of these don’t quite fit your lifestyle? Then consider a Freestyle portable projector, which packs a massive screen size (up to 100 inches3) into a surprisingly tiny package and can be as mobile as you are.

Big screen, big sound, perfect match

We say big screen, we mean big picture, but what that really translates to is a big entertainment experience. This is why Samsung developed a range of soundbars that integrate with its TVs, packed with the latest audio tech including powerful drivers (a.k.a speakers) and support for Dolby and DTS 3D surround sound4

So you know you want to go big, but this is just the beginning of your journey. The following scenarios may help you with the big decision of which Samsung big screen is exactly right for your home. 

The busy Aussie home

Consider an example of the so-called “average” Aussie home. It’s a big, light-drenched house with a living room that flows through from the dining and kitchen. There’s a lot of space here, but ambient lighting conditions change throughout the day, and managing or blocking this light isn’t something you can do, and nor do you want to!

Like in so many homes, the TV in this living room is shoved back against one wall, and perched on a console. This keeps it out of everyone’s way during the morning stampede, but the TV has always felt like an afterthought. Evenings, the family gathers to stream shows or watch sport, so let’s take that experience up a level.

Samsung Neo QLED TV

Samsung’s 85-inch QN 900C Neo QLED 8K Smart TV can make a big difference here. Paired with the optional wall mount (sold separately), the TV can be secured to a wall and all its cables and cords run through the wall (unless your house is double brick) to really commit to that minimalist floating look5

Also, wall-mounting lets you ditch the stand and that means the console is now optional. Of course, the console used to be an important part of the home AV setup, since it held the various set-top boxes needed to play all your content. 

But the QN 900C Neo QLED 8K has a full suite of smart functions, including catch-up TV apps and your favourite streamers, which means you can access all your content right from the TV with Samsung’s smart One Remote6. No more juggling remotes or checking which set-top box may or may not be on. 

So out the console goes, freeing up valuable floor space. The wall-mount option also lets you position the TV at exactly the right height for viewing from the main seating area. You might be surprised how little space it takes up.

Samsung Q Series soundbar

It’s still a massive 85-inch picture, though, which means movies can look truly epic. So you need audio to back that image, via the Samsung HW-Q990C soundbar (sold separately). It integrates under the TV on its own wall mount, and has a subwoofer you can tuck in the corner, and two satellite speakers. These connect wirelessly7 to the main unit (but still need to be plugged into power) and provide extra drivers for the soundbar’s Dolby Atmos and DTS:X modes.

Samsung Q Series Soundbar HW-Q990C

The home cinema

Some of us take our home entertainment very seriously. More and more homes are being offered with a dedicated cinema room, which usually means a centrally located room with no external walls and small windows – or maybe no windows at all. Designed to make it easy to block out ambient light, this makes the cinema room ideal for OLED.

Samsung OLED TV

Samsung’s 77-inch OLED offers intense lifelike colour, and incredible contrast thanks to the way each OLED pixel is self-lighting8. This TV can look amazing in a typical lounge room as well, of course, but in a bright room, the aforementioned Neo QLED will really shine.

In the home cinema room, OLED can really work its magic. Close the doors, turn out the lights, and watch those colours swirl! The S95C is a 4K display, so you can get crisp detail along with those incredible colours.  

Samsung OLED S95C 4K TV

Since most home cinema rooms are quite large, you’ll be able to position the TV at least 2.6 metres away – or rather, move the seats, since the TV will go at the front of the room. 

Q Series soundbar and Solar Cell One Remote

The straightforward layout also means you can wall mount a Samsung Q-series soundbar, or just set it under the TV, and then adjust the satellite speaker positions for best effect. 

Dolby Atmos and DTS:X use the soundbar’s array of drivers, including upward-firing drivers, to create a sense of being immersed in your content’s audio. In a home cinema room, you can work out the perfect position for the soundbar’s satellite speakers to make this 3D sound effect feel most pronounced. 

And it’s worth calling out the Samsung Solar Cell One Remote here, which does not need disposable batteries and can be charged via external lighting. The remote gives you control over both TV and soundbar, including access to the full range of apps compatible with Samsung Smart TVs. Or if you prefer, you can use the Samsung remote app on any compatible phone9.

Using a big-screen TV in your home cinema room isn’t an unusual thing these days, however if you’re prepared to invest, a projector really does take things to the next level. Samsung’s Premiere Triple Laser 4K Smart Projector gives you a 130-inch picture, and since it’s an Ultra Short-throw projector, installation can be no more complex than a big TV. But the picture it throws can be truly cinematic in scale.

The party pad

For those of us with lifestyles that might, at first glance, not be compatible with the big-screen TV ideal, let us say: We see you. An 85-inch TV is still a big appliance, no matter how thin it is. We don’t all have walls we can drill into to mount these TVs.

Samsung Freestyle portable projector

If you long for a large TV but don’t have the space, projectors are an excellent option that offer big screen experiences when you’re tight for space. 

Samsung Freestyle 2023 projector

The Freestyle Portable Projector is the ideal device for those of us who prioritise flexibility, portability, and freedom. Capable of throwing up to an 100-inch image, the Freestyle 2023 is ready to go whenever – and wherever – you are10

Unlike traditional projectors, the Freestyle 2023 is quick to set up and will automatically adjust any skewing in the picture thanks to its Auto Keystone feature11. It also has Auto Focus. This means when you point the projector at a wall and turn it on, it sets itself up and configures the picture for a sharp, clear image in seconds12

The Freestyle 2023 is a full HD projector with a 360-degree speaker on board13 too, so you won’t need any extra devices or boxes if you want to take the Freestyle 2023 on the road. Or if you want to rearrange your living room for the third time this month!

As for content, the Freestyle 2023 has full Samsung Smart TV functionality14, so you can access your preferred streaming app, go online, and do other regular TV things.

There’s also a battery base15, which integrates seamlessly with the Freestyle 2023’s design and lets you take it, and your entertainment, anywhere your heart desires.

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1. Viewing experience may vary according to the type of content, format and source. Upscaling may not apply to PC connection and Game Mode. 

2. Picture quality will vary depending on quality and resolution of source content. 

3. The Freestyle must be 79.5cm from the wall to project a 30” image and 260.4cm from the wall to project a 100” image.

4.  Source content must be Dolby Atmos® or DTS:X enabled for Dolby ATMOS® or DTX:X playback. Sound effect may vary depending on environmental characteristics (including ceiling).

 5.  The gap may differ based on the installation and wall type. Compatible with 43-85” 2023 Samsung TVs (except Q80C).

6. Internet connection required. Available content subject to change.

7. Wireless via Wi-Fi network using SmartThings App. SmartThings is compatible with selected devices. Soundbar requires mains power connection.

8.  Picture quality may vary depending on quality and resolution of source content and viewing conditions.

9. Internet connection required for SmartThings connectivity.

10. Requires mains connection unless used in conjunction with The Freestyle Battery Base or connected to a compatible battery pack (50W/20V).

11.  Auto Levelling results may vary depending on the angle of projection, surface and distance of wall and lighting conditions. 

12. Auto Focus results may vary depending on the quality of source content, angle of projection, surface and distance of wall and lighting conditions. 

13. Audio quality and performance may vary depending on environmental characteristics (e.g. room size, product placement and ceiling height) and quality of source content. 

14. Internet connection required. Data usage and subscription fees may apply. 

15. Battery Base sold separately. The Freestyle Battery Base lasts up to 3 hours (IEC62087 standard) when only The Freestyle is connected. Battery usage time may vary depending on the content you project and frequency of usage.