Samsung PS50P5H

Samsung has taken colour reproduction one step further by improving the colour range of its latest range of plasma screens. While older plasma displays could only represent 1024 gradients of each colour, the PS50P5H can manage up to 8192 of red, green and blue. All these combine to gives an incredible 500 billion possible colours, which ultimately leads to a smoother and more lifelike image.

Things are also helped along by Samsung’s Digital Natural Image engine, which analyses the input signal, whether it’s analog or digital, and optimises it for the screen. It also compensates motion, minimises noise and improves the sharpness of the picture. The PS50P5H also has an above average spec for both brightness and contrast.

To get the best picture, though, you’ll want to use a digital connection. Thankfully the PS50P5H sports an HDMI connector, although you’ll need an external high-definition set-top-box to get the most from the screen.

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