Discounted tech available via new Samsung Shop App

Samsung Shop App - Galaxy Fold 5

A new Samsung Shop App has just launched in Australia and throughout Southeast Asia, along with a discount for first-time users.

Much like the Apple Store app for i-devices, the Samsung Shop App offers a personalised shopping experience while cutting out the middleman of other retailers. It acts as a go-to destination for ordering phones, TVs, and anything else Samsung.

According to research conducted by the South Korean electronics company, online shopping continues to be a big way people buy gadgets. 42.6% of survey respondents across Southeast Asia and Oceania bought electronics or home appliances online in the past three months, as opposed to in-store. It’s flagged as a major reason behind the new app, as more people make major purchases while using phones.

An interesting feature highlighted as part of the Samsung Shop App is how the personalisation works. Particularly the touted comparisons between your current device and newer models available on the store. Without trying the app, it’s not yet known how this works, but it seems helpful when you’re eyeing an upgrade. Outside of that, there are a bunch of standard offers like free shipping and returns on eligible devices, in addition to live tracking of orders.

Samsung Shop App discounts

As an incentive to download it, you can get 10% off your first purchase exclusively through the app. A disclaimer on Samsung’s website indicates that it automatically applies to your cart and combines with other active offers, like education discounts.

Speaking of education discounts, there’s mention of exclusive discounts and offers for students via the Samsung Shop App. It’s unclear if these are separate from or in addition to the existing education store discounts. Regardless, it’s a good reminder you can grab a discount if you’re currently studying.

If you’re keen to check it out, you can download the app on either the Google Play Store or the App Store.

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