Samsung takes door-in-door to a new level with the Food Showcase fridge

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Fridgeception is about to hit a whole new level as the door-in-door concept opens up to show you more.

LG may have first shown the idea of two doors in one with fridges, but Samsung appears keen to perfect it as the brand announces that its “Food Showcase” edition of its side-by-side fridge is ready to be owned by families who need a big fridge to show off the food inside.

Shown earlier in the year at both the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and the Samsung Forum in Bali (where we spent some time standing in front of it and wondering what it would look like in our own kitchen), the Samsung Food Showcase is a 636 litre fridge that takes advantage of the door-in-door concept on the right door, with a special latch opening the front part of the fridge door to reveal a transparent internal door to let you get at beverages while seeing what else the fridge has inside.

“The Food Showcase changes the refrigerator space for Samsung and our customers,” said Mile Lilly, Samsung Australia’s Head of Home Appliances.

“Not only is it a stunning appliance, it brings a new design and function to Samsung’s side-by-side category that we think will offer Australians an even better experience in terms of how households store, access and share food in the home.”

By opening the Food Showcase door — which is Samsung’s term for it — food can be accessed quickly and easily without letting all the cool air out, with three zones for specific foods to make it a simple exercise in getting food. Currently, Samsung has it set out that the top zone is the “cooking zone” for essential, the middle is the “family zone” for drinks, and the lower level is for kids providing a location the little ones can easily access.

Beyond this door, there’s a slimmer casing to get larger items inside, with multiple outlets for air aimed at keeping more things cooler inside the fridge. An ice and water dispenser is also included, though not quite the sparkling one Samsung launched on last year’s Sodastream equipped fridge. That said, we’re told you can make 2.2 kilograms of ice with two shelves of storage space in the door.

Samsung’s Food Showcase is available now at retailers across the country with a recommended retail price of $4599 and an energy star rating of 2.5 stars.