Samsung targets three kinds of people with new computers

With CeBIT on in Sydney this week, Samsung has taken the time to launch a few new computers, each geared at a different type of user after a different type of experience.

First, Samsung is focusing on the crowd after a thin and light computer that still has a fair bit of versatility.

One of Samsung’s first Ultrabooks, the Series 5 features a 14 inch screen with a second generation Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB RAM, and a hybrid hard drive system comprising of a 16GB solid state drive with 500GB hard drive.

Like one of the recent Acer announcements, this Ultrabook features an optical disc drive and dedicated graphics processor, providing more power than the specifically light Ultrabooks we’re used to seeing.

Samsung has one of those too, again in the Series 5, this one featuring up to 128GB solid state storage, a 13.3 inch screen, and no optical drive.

Both are available now from $1,499.

Some people don’t really want a notebook, though. Maybe you prefer to leave your computer at work or in a specific part of your home.

Launched this week, Samsung’s $2,999 All-In-One Series 9 PC (above) features a 27 inch Full HD screen supporting 3D technology. One pair of 3D glasses is included in the box, as is JBL sound with optimisation for 3D audio.

A second-generation Intel Core i7 is featured, as well as a dedicated Radeon graphics processor, Blu-ray drive supporting 3D discs, and a wireless keyboard and mouse.

Finally, there’s the gamer, and while we know more of you are switching to the ease of use that a console offers, you can’t play some of the hit games Blizzard has been releasing without a decent computer.

Samsung is stepping up to the plate with a notebook designed to handle most of what you can throw at it in the next few years.

The specs are pretty strong, with a 17.3 Full HD 3D LED-backlit display, powered by an AMD Radeon HD6970M graphics card with 2GB RAM on-board.

Intel’s generation of Core i7 processors from last year is featured, as well as 8GB RAM, up to 1.5TB of storage, a Blu-ray drive, HDMI, USB 3.0, and a pair of Samsung 3D glasses.

Competing with machines from Alienware and Toshiba, Samsung’s gamer laptop won’t be in reach of all people, coming in at $2,999.

Samsung Australia hasn’t told us when any of these models will be updated to support Intel’s latest generation of Ivy Bridge-enabled processors, but given that overseas is seeing refreshes of these products featuring the new technology, we’re hoping it comes soon.