Samsung throw a Pebble into the MP3 player pond

Samsung Electronics Australia has expanded its MP3 player lineup with the launch of the S2 Pebble. Designed to deliver a stylish and truly portable listening experience, the S2 Pebble is a screenless MP3 player with the aesthetic feel of a glossy purple, red or black stone.

The S2 Pebble exemplifies Samsung’s commitment to setting the standard in the market for innovative sound quality. It boasts a range of impressive features, including multiple EQ settings, LED light effects and play modes. Coupled with Samsung’s patented DNSe (Digital Natural Sound Engine) technology, the S2 Pebble produces the highest playback quality with realistic audio and peerless sound reproduction.

The Samsung S2 Pebble’s shiny, smooth and stylish design provides a cutting edge and customised aesthetic for the modern consumer. A trendy treat for the fashion inclined, the S2 Pebble features a pendant-style earphone lanyard, which enables users to wear their music on their sleeve in style.

As a music player, the Samsung S2 Pebble brims with high performance and unique personality and features the ultimate in playback compatibility. With the ability to play back MP3, OGG and WMA track formats the unit is the ultimate for convenience and the “on-the-go” listener. Uploading music has also never been easier with the S2’s USB connectivity and ‘drag and drop’ compatibility.


The Samsung S2 Pebble will be available in three modern colours – black, red and purple and will boast 2GB of internal Flash memory.

Price and availability

The Samsung Pebble will be in stores from July 1, with an RRP of $59.

Samsung S2 Pebble MP3 player

Source: Samsung