Samsung U4 MP3 player – 4GB, up to 2,000 songs storage

Samsung Electronics Australia continues to strengthen its MP3 range with the release of the Samsung U4; a miniature MP3 player that fuses functionality with design. If size, simplicity and extra features are your top priorities, the Samsung U4 MP3 Player is your ideal companion.

Recognising consumer demand for simplicity and wireless freedom the Samsung U4 was born. The Samsung U4 comes equipped with an integrated USB plug, which eliminates the need for cables and docking stations. Conveniently able to be plugged directly into a PC or Mac USB port, transferring files and charging the player is easy. Bar the included headphones, this all-encompassing device eliminates the need for any additional accessories to operate the player’s features. There is no attachment required for FM radio – the transmitter is squeezed inside – and the in-built microphone means voice and sound recording activates at the press of a button.

Vital to a great MP3 Player is great sound quality. The Samsung U4 offers intense music clarity with DNSe 2.0 (Digital Natural Sound engine) Technology. This proprietary sound technology has been developed in include 9 different EQ settings, a 7-band user EQ setting and Street Mode setting so that music comes across clearer in high noise areas.

Samsung’s new user-friendly EmoDio software allows you to drag and drop music files, sort play lists, and establish favourite data casts to upload automatically. You can also download free album art to accompany your music tracks. It houses a massive 4GB of flash memory for up to 2,000 songs or 84 hours of voice recorded content.

With a simple and sleek design, the Samsung U4 is encased in a colourful glossy finish. The 1 inch OLED screen is clear and bright and can display 16 shades of grey so that images come across detailed. LED lighting effects and a sleek, touch based control pad is ideal for style conscious consumers on the go.


The Samsung U4 also boasts extensive file format support including MP3, WMA and OGG and is affordably priced at just $109 (4GB).

Source: Samsung