Samsung U900T


Reviewer: Anthony Caruana

As one of the best looking phones we’ve ever laid eyes on, the Samsung U900T grabbed plenty of attention.

The screen is crystal clear, with clearly identifiable icons that don’t have you diving to the instruction book to interpret them. The keypad for dialing and tapping in SMS is under the screen that slides up easily. The slide mechanism felt solid.

The U900T is one of the first phones to show something truly new – a square area under the screen that provides a touch screen that displays different buttons depending on what you’re doing. While that sounds a little complicated, it’s actually very intuitive.

The U900T’s five-megapixel camera includes a flash, although photo quality was only fair.

However, the music player and FOXTEL on mobile both did a great job, making the U900T a great phone for commuters who need a little entertainment.