Samsung unveils sustainable tech that saves money and the planet

Combining advanced green technologies with its AI-driven SmartThings Energy platform, Samsung has revealed plans to create the ultimate sustainable home experience with its latest range of smart home appliances.

Unveiled at the IFA 2022 electronics trade show in Berlin, Samsung’s Bespoke product lineup features eco-conscious technologies which reduce energy consumption, as well as tackle environmental threats such as the release of microplastics.

By 2023 all of Samsung’s major appliances will be Wi-Fi connected and controlled via the SmartThings app

Combining connected appliances with services such as SmartThings Energy with AI Energy Mode, users are able to maximise energy savings, said JaeSeung Lee, President and Head of Digital Appliances Business at Samsung Electronics.

“As customers’ needs are shifting towards more sustainable options, we are excited to meet those needs by delivering the latest energy saving, smart appliances,” Lee said.

“By leveraging efficient appliances with the synergistic features of SmartThings, we are planning to offer a truly sustainable home experience like never before.”

Samsung’s energy-efficient washing machines, with SmartThings Energy with AI Energy Mode, can optimise laundry cycles to cut energy usage by up to 70 per cent, by washing clothes with cold water while still delivering powerful cleaning. They harness the power of bubbles to help detergent do more work with less energy. They can also reduce microplastic emissions from clothing by 54 per cent, by using filtering technology to capture harmful plastic particles. 

In the kitchen, Samsung refrigerators can intelligently adjust temperatures based on door opening patterns and compressor speed, saving up to 10 per cent on energy use. Other notable energy savings include 40 per cent for the Eco Heating System, 20 per cent for dryers and 20 per cent by the end of this year for the Residential Air Conditioner (RAC).

With exchangeable panels, you can refresh your refrigerator’s design instead of replacing it

Samsung’s sustainable home efforts extend to modularity and changeable panels built into appliances, such as the refrigerators, which reduce waste by extending the lifespan of the product. Users can purchase additional designs and easily switch the panels on their appliances, which in practice means appliances can be updated instead of being thrown out as needs change.

Samsung Electronics is also participating as a Board Chair in the Home Connectivity Alliance (HCA) conference at IFA 2022.

The common goal of HCA – an organisation founded by large appliance manufacturers of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), home appliances and TVs – is to provide safe, secure and interoperable products which use connected features and services to ensure users enjoy a holistic experience of their home appliance ecosystems.

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