Samsung wins: Galaxy Tab 10.1 on shelves for Christmas

The squabble over Apple and Samsung’s tablet battle looks to have finally come to and end, at least for the moment anyway, with Apple losing an appeal to have the Samsung tablet kept off store shelves this holiday season.

Last week, Samsung’s legal team managed to convince the courts to overturn a ruling that made it so that the Samsung iPad competition couldn’t be sold locally. Apple immediately tried to appeal, but has today lost that battle.

Samsung today said:

“Samsung Electronics Australia is pleased with today’s judgment by the High Court of Australia to deny Apple’s request to appeal the decision of the Full Court.

“The Full Court of Australia decision on November 30 clearly affirmed our view that Apple’s claims lack merit and that an injunction should not have been imposed on the GALAXY Tab 10.1.”

At the time of publishing, Apple hadn’t responded to our requests for a comment.

With the court case done and dusted, those of us with a love for all things technology can now rejoice, for now we can let the tablet wars well and truly continue.

Arriving in Australia next week. Finally.

Meanwhile, Samsung’s entrant to the 10 inch tablet range in Australia should be on shelves as early as next week, featuring Google Android Honeycomb 3.1, a 565g weight, 10.1 inch HD screen, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, and support for Samsung’s Music Hub. The tablet will arrive in two models, with a 16GB WiFi only model to hit at $579 and a 16GB WiFi/3G model to come in at $729.

It seems Samsung wasted no time with the result, making sure the Galaxy Tab 10.1 product site was online within hours of winning the right to sell the device.

Recently, we looked at the international model of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and found that it was easily one of the better tablet entries out there, no doubt one of the reasons why Apple didn’t want it released.