Samsung’s 2008 Stealth vacuum cleaner range

  • Whisper quiet vacuum cleaners – as little as 67dBA
  • Maximum of 2000W of suction power
  • Samsung’s Multi-Chamber System protects from harmful fine dust particles

Imagine a range of bag-less vacuum cleaners with whisper quiet sound technology and super power. You have just imagined Samsung’s Stealth vacuum cleaner range.

Introducing six models in total, Samsung’s four premium models – the SC9580, SC9180 and SC9190 bagless and the SC6260 bagged vacuums are the quietest operating vacuum cleaners available in Australia (in their respective class). In addition to the low noise emission in the premium range, the whole range packs a whopping 2000W of power.

Cleaner air is a key focus in the Australian market and with Samsung’s pioneering Multi Chamber System consumers can now breathe easily. The dual filtration process isolates dust and debris from the air flow into the dustbin. Removing the larger particles from the air flow and in a second stage, the finer particles, results see minimal clogging of the foam filter and maximum consistency of suction power.

In addition to the Stealth range are two other models – the SC6591 and the SC65A1. Delivering superior functionality at a competitive price, these models also feature 2000W power and the innovative Twin Chamber System.

In response to consumer concern about germs and microbes in the home, all five models have Samsung’s patented Silver Nano Health System technology. This is an added health feature to kill bacteria that would otherwise multiply within the vacuum cleaner. Depending on the model, features include either 2.0, 1.5 or 1.4 litre dustbins, or a 3.0 litre easy to empty dust bag, remote handle control, HEPA-12 or HEPA-13 filtration, foam and micro pre-filters and hardfloor tool and turbo brush.

Source: Samsung