Samsung’s 2009 range of plasma TVs

Samsung has shown its continuing commitment to plasma TV technology with the details of its 2009 range. The following features are exciting upgrades to the 2009 Samsung plasma range:

  • 600Hz Subfield Motion making Samsung plasma perfect for sports and fast moving action scenes
  • Environmentally conscious – Samsung new Plasma TV range contain no toxins such as lead or mercury, and use up to 50% less energy than equivalent size 2007 models. The televisions also use no mercury in their production process and due to the lack of spray painting, use no organic volatile compounds in the production.
  • Improved dynamic contrast ratios, up to 3,000,000:1, delivering deeper blacks, pristine whites and vibrant colour giving you a rich cinematic experience at home (Series 6 and Series 8 only).

Series 8

Samsung’s premium range hero, the Series 8, measures just over 2.5 centimetres in depth. With built-in digital tuner, this makes it the world’s slimmest Full HD plasma. The Series 8 harnesses Samsung’s latest plasma display technologies to produce a stunning picture that has to be seen to be believed. Featuring a platinum black Crystal Design bezel and a sleek aluminium stand, the television looks as good off as it does on.

Feel like you’re part of the movie or sporting action with the built-in subwoofer. Samsung has improved the viewing experience to ensure the sound matches the huge screen size. An extremely high dynamic contrast ratio reduces the luminance in black levels by 50 percent over previous models for one of the darkest blacks ever seen on an HDTV.

The Series 8 also features Samsung’s Medi@2.0 solution consisting of a number of innovative functionalities which will let you get the most out of your television.

Internet@TV: Access online content from You Tube when you want it, all at the touch of a button. Consumers will even be able to enjoy a growing library of widgets, as the widget development kit will be open to content providers to create an ever expanding range of new offerings. Nine MSN content will be available in widget format from August 2009.

DLNA Wireless: The TV is and always will be the hub of home entertainment; however with the ever expanding array of entertainment devices, consumers need options. DLNA Wireless capabilities take your multimedia experience to a whole new level by giving you the ability to stream all your movies, photos and music from your PC onto your new Samsung Plasma wirelessly.

Content Library Flash: From games to recipes, enjoy the benefits of the built-in Content Library Flash. This updated feature now gives you complete control with the option to delete and expand your library with free content downloaded from

USB 2.0: Play video files, view photos, listen to music, and even save your favourites directly onto your TV. This feature supports both flash memory and external hard drives.

The Series 8 is available in 50″ and 58″ for $4,299 RRP and $5,999 RRP respectively.

Series 6

The Series 6 Full HD plasma range makes an equally strong statement offering stunning Full HD picture playback with 100HZ motion plus technology; making your heroes look smoother and clearer than ever. This TV also features Samsung’s Crystal Design and the same Medi@ 2.0 functionalities as the Series 8; providing a perfect picture at an alternative price point.

The Series 6 is available in 50″ and 63″ for $3,299 RRP and $6,999 RRP respectively.

Series 5

The Series 5 plasma offers unprecedented value for money in the Full HD Plasma category. Offering 1080p resolution, 2,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and 600Hz Subfield Motion, the Series 5 is the affordable option for sports and fast moving action scenes from all your favourite movies.

The Series 5 also features Samsung’s stunning Crystal Design and USB2.0 connectivity at a price point that gives everyone a chance to own a Samsung Full HD Plasma. The Series 5 is available in 42″, 50″ and 58″ for $2,299 RRP, $2,899 RRP and $4,299 RRP respectively.

Series 4

The Series 4 is Samsung’s entry level HD Plasma offering – providing classic design and HD picture quality which is a high standard option for the consumer on a budget. The Series 4 is available in 42″ and 50″ for $1,699 RRP and $2,199 RRP respectively.