Samsung’s door-in-door fridge range to encompass three- and four-doors

The idea of the door-in-door concept for fridges is a fun one not just because it shows what we’ve made for the evening, but also offers an easy way to take bottles and drinks out, but what if you don’t want one big showcase door, but rather a smaller one with more space for your food?

Samsung’s latest attempt at what we call “fridgeception” or the door-in-door concept takes that two-in-one door concept to a French door fridge, providing a bottom drawer section with a freezer, blue LED lighting, and Samsung’s “Space Max” technology to maximise the space inside while providing strong insulation to keep temperatures consistent.

The two fridges are different sizes, with the three door model taking 828 litres and the four door model supporting a touch more at 886 litres, but each are designed for slightly different needs.

Samsung’s three door model (below) includes the one big freezer section with a twin ice maker, capable of making ice in both the fridge section and in the top half of the freezer, while the refrigerator holds 536 litres of food.

The four door model, however, takes a few less litres in the fridge section, supporting 470L, but offers more depth, as well as a middle drawer just above the freezer with support for four different temperature zones for four different types of food, because nobody wants cheese with ice crystals forming.

Both models featured Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor to keep the fridge operating, while twin cooling allows the fridge and freezer sections to chill independently, keeping odours out of the way of each other from frozen versus refrigerated.

They both also feature that door-in-door concept, which Samsung calls the “Food Showcase” door, and which LG first demonstrated a few years ago.

This door isn’t just made to show off your food, but also let you grab convenient items quickly, such as beverage bottles, without the rest of the fridge being exposed all at once like when you open the main door.

“At their heart, we want our appliances to compliment and help manage the daily life of Australian families and we believe that the Food Showcase range does this in a way that is different from any refrigerator range Samsung has offered in the past,” said Mike Lilly, Head of Home Appliances at Samsung Electronics Australia.

“Not only are the new three and four-door, French door models aesthetically beautiful, they offer a sophisticated design in a large capacity format – great for entertaining. In addition to the Showcase door, there are other smart storage features including, foldable shelves for when you need to make room for large platters.”

Both the 828L three-door Samsung French Door and the 886L four-door Samsung French Door showcase fridges are available now for a recommended retail price of $4299 and $4599 respectively.

Samsung's four-door Showcase fridge offers a lot of space for your cheese. And other foods, too. But seriously, cheese.