It’s a little late, but Samsung’s early entrant into the world that is virtual reality is here, and if you have a Galaxy Note 4, it’s game on from this week.

Fresh from its use in Qantas first class cabins and Sydney and Melbourne airports, the restart of the virtual reality revolution begins this week in Australia as a modern VR product makes its way to stores

The product that will kick this off is the Samsung Gear VR, a gadget Samsung has collaborated with Oculus on, one of the very companies leading the virtual reality revolution with its own “Rift” hardware, a headset made for computers to let you interact with applications and play games in ways not really experienced before.

Samsung’s option doesn’t really require a computer, though it does need a phone, with the Gear VR relying on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for the screen and computer, while the Gear VR brings the lenses and head mount in a way that makes it a more complicated and better built version of Google Cardboard.

When the two are connected, Gear VR can provide games, movie experiences, and apps that let people be engaged with what they’re seeing, rather than viewing from afar like they would with a smartphone screen or computer monitor.

The writer of this article testing the Samsung Gear VR, as photographed by Alex Kidman

“The Samsung Gear VR in Australia is the most exciting piece of technology to enter our mobile device portfolio and represents our relentless focus on delivering products that have the ability to change mobile experiences for our customers,” said Arno Lenior, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Electronics Australia.

“The Gear VR will offer Australians the ability to experience content on their Galaxy Note 4 screen using an immersive headset we have developed with the amazing Oculus platform for virtual reality technology.”