Samsung’s massive touchscreen washer dryer lands in Australia

Major innovations to everyday whitegoods are few and far between, or they often feel like that. Oh sure, the fridge has tall inner doors and sparkling water tanks, but few of the updates feel like they’re on the same ground as your phone. And then there’s something new from Samsung.

Previewed earlier in the year at the Samsung Forum in Bali, Samsung’s new snazzy appliance is a washer and dryer combo that not only packs in the two functions, but also manages to bring WiFi to the table, as well as a touchscreen.

The inclusion of wireless networking isn’t a totally new concept in appliances, with companies connecting WiFi to smartphone apps in the past year or two, making it possible to not only monitor your whitegood, but also diagnose any possible problems and send the information off to the right people.

But a touchscreen, now that’s new, and does away with the regular physical knobs and dials that people have been relying on for years.

In the Samsung WD10F8K9ABG/SA — yes, it’s one of those rather long model codes — also known as the “Samsung Ultra Large Capacity Washer with WiFi,” you’ll find a large drum which Samsung says should wash 10 kilograms on a standard wash and up to 15 kilograms of clothing using the new Power Bubble mode.

We haven’t heard of Power Bubble before, but it sounds like an updated version of Samsung’s “Bubble Wash” technology, which mixed air, soap, and water before entering the drum to make everything mix more thoroughly.

Some new functionality is also there to help with soaking laundry, such as the Speed Spray which uses pressurised water sprays to provide a deeper soak, and an Air Dry Condenser system to help the drying process by reducing moisture inside the drum.

Also removing the moisture is the dryer, because as a combo unit, that’s built right into the machine, catering for 8 kilograms at once. With 8 kilograms of drying possible, you probably won’t want to wash 15 kilos of laundry only to have to pull out half and let the rest sit there while the machine works, unless you have a few things to hang on the line.

That said, there are 15 cycles modes to run through the machine all controllable from the 8 inch colour touchscreen, an automatic detergent dispenser that can work out how much detergent each cycle needs, and some technology to help reduce vibration.

“Feedback from many customers has told us time and time again that washing machine load size is a very important factor when they’re considering a new machine and we believe this machine will meet the demands of Australian households seeking an ultra large capacity washer,” said Mike Lilly, Samsung Australia’s Head of Home Appliances.

A big washer and dryer such as this one doesn’t come cheap, mind you, so if you need it, make sure you have the cash ready, because with a recommended retail price of $3999, it’s not for everyone.