Samsung’s Milk Music fades out, closing April 28

At one point, Samsung’s Milk Music presented a more radio-like interpretation of music streaming. Now, it joins a pile of failed services.

Bad news if you were a fan of Samsung Milk Music, with the company this week sending out alerts that the service will be coming to a close on April 28.

Based on the idea that music could be dialled into, Milk Music allowed its users to tap into and decide on musical preferences by shaping a station, using a virtual knob and controlling the sort of listening they were into, almost as if they had access to a radio that listened to the vast spectrum of sound that is out there.

But this week, Samsung is pulling the plug on that radio and closing the service down in Australia.

“With a heavy heart, we will be closing the service in Australia on April 28, 2016. After this date, you will no longer be able to stream music or access your cached music from Samsung Milk Music on your Samsung devices,” said the alert from the Samsung Milk Music Australia Team.


That means subscribers to the free service lose out, which means one less free service for Samsung device owners, while premium subscribers paying for the service will be offered three months of Google Play Music free provided they’re not a current Google Play Music subscriber nor have ever been a Google Play Music subscriber or have even tested Google Plat Music under one of the trials found in the past year.

We think that won’t really apply to most customers, especially since Google Play Music tends to give Android owners a free trial for every new account, suggesting that there will be few able to take advantage of this jump from one service to another.

Still, it has to be better than just Samsung pulling the plug without any offers altogether.