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Samsung has taken the wraps off its latest mobile, the Galaxy Note7 today at the Unpacked 2016 event in New York.

In keeping with the productivity focus of the Note models before it, the new Note7 includes the familiar S-Pen, or stylus, along with an extra large 5.7 inch Quad HD screen.

In fact, the Note7 shares many similarities with Samsung’s very good, very successful Galaxy S7, which was announced earlier this year. Appearance-wise, it even looks very similar to the S7, and also gains a similar dual curved-edge display.

Note7 edge

Also good news is that the Note7 gets the same excellent 12 megapixel dual-pixel camera, which is undoubtedly the best low-light performing camera available any mobile phone on the market today, and one of the fastest focusing devices.

Note7 front2

Samsung has carbon-copied the S7’s processor, so the same powerful 8-core unit is featured on the Note7.

However, there are some notable differences which set the Note7 apart, and we’ve had a chance to get our hands on it for a quick test drive.


Starting with the S-Pen, which is at the core of the Note’s identity, this is now smaller and more precise than the Note5 to improve the look of sketches and drawings. It’s half the diameter of the previous S-Pen, at just 0.7mm, and can detect 4096 separate pressure levels.

And as the Note7 is now water and dust resistant to the IP68 standard, the S-Pen can now also be used on a wet screen. in fact, you can even write on with the S-Pen with the phone completely submerged in water.

Note7 Water1

There are also improvements to note taking, the best of which is that you can simply start jotting down a note without powering on the screen or firing up the Memo application, and the note will stay visible on the new ‘always on display’. In essence, this allows you to use the phone like you would an actual notepad.

Note7 Water2

Samsung has also organised and grouped many of the S-Pen’s applications together, making it easier to find the functions that you want.

And there are two useful additions to the S-Pen’s suite of apps. One is a real-time translator, where words that you hover over are instantly translated, via Google Translate.