Samsung’s Retina grade screen to beat both Apple and Toshiba

If there’s one constant in this tech world, it’s that tech companies love to outdo each other, and here’s another example, with Samsung set to show off two displays that pack in way more pixels than anything seen in the past.

Over in Canada, technology companies are about to show the latest in display technology, at the Society for Information Display’s week. Also known as SID, this is the place where manufacturers get serious and show the world just how impressive their R&D teams are and how hard they’ve been working.

In the past year, the topic of “retina” grade screens has been a common one for phones, as companies worked on devices that looked better when brought closer to their faces. Computers, too, have been getting the retina treatment, ever since Apple brought out the first “retina-grade” laptops last year, in the 13 and 15 inch MacBook Pro models.

Toshiba followed suit only recently with the first high-end screen on a Windows PC in the Kirabook, and now the word is Samsung is looking at doing the same.

Overseas, Samsung has announced that it will be showing off two very high resolution panels made for laptops and tablets, with a 10.1 inch display packing in 2560×1600, the same resolution being pushed into the 13 inch screen by Apple, as well as a 13.3 inch screen that throws in 3200×1800, the highest resolution seen on any laptop to date.

On the 10.1 inch display, you can expect touch, as it’s made for tablets, but with the 2560×1600 resolution, Samsung has packed in 299 pixels per inch, well above the ppi value of 227 from Apple’s 13 inch MacBook Pro.

Samsung’s next-generation 13 inch laptops will also sport similar technology, with a 276ppi screen coming out of the 3200×1800 display used, higher quality (based on pixel ratio alone) than both of the screens used in Apple’s Retina computers, as well as the Toshiba Kirabook.

The resolutions here are impressive, but we suspect we won’t see them until later this year or early next, so if you’re holding off buying any machine because these numbers have just blown your eyebrows off, you may be waiting a while.