San Francisco brand makes phone charging bag

When moving from point A to point B, it can sometimes be hard to find a powerpoint in between, especially one where you can just sit there, drinking your coffee, and hoping that no one asks you to move. Fortunately, there’s a bag that makes it possible for you to keep moving and still be powered.

San Francisco brand Timbuk2 is re-engineering the messenger bag to feature a built-in charging unit that can plug into whatever mobile device you need it to, with up to two smartphone charges possible.

Called the “Joey,” the charging system has been designed by ex-NASA talent and can even stay plugged into your phone as you move, with a waterproof port that lets you keep charging a smartphone or tablet while you’re using it.

You will need to replenish the charge on the Joey unit every so often – sorry, power doesn’t just appear by magic – but we’re told that all it needs is a charge over a computer or wall socket, so that’s useful if you plan on going home later in the day.

The Power Commute is still a bag and not just a charger, so will feature faux fur lined pockets, a tablet specific pocket, an elasticised external water bottle section, laptop compartment set to TSA (Transportation Security Admission) standards for traveling through America, and a removable shoulder strap.

Pricing comes in at $299.95 RRP for the bag, and it should be hitting stores in Australia from early April.