Sonos will announce Sonos Roam on 9 March

Source: The Verge
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Now embargo or not, the secret is out. We can tell you that Sonos will release its new ultra-portable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker – the Sonos Roam. And we can’t wait.

The Sonos Roam turned up in FCC filings for a Wi-Fi/BT test and ID number for its sale. It is smallish – 160mm tall and a 60mm triangle x .5kg. We know it is battery operated, water-resistant and Wi-Fi 5. That is all we will tell you – the rest will come post-launch.

Now Sono’s does not compete with any other brand. For starters, its part of the Sonos ecosystem that uses Wi-Fi networks to transmit higher quality audio direct from content providers like Spotify. It does have Bluetooth so that you can stream music from a smartphone when out of Wi-Fi range.

As a recent Sonos convert, I can say that both my wife and I love the Sonos sound signature. We have its transportable Move (review here  8.6/10), and the sound signature is the same as every other Sonos product. It has a strong mid-bass, a very flat (good) low/mid/upper mid and recessed treble (to remove harshness) that is perfect for music (amazingly good dynamic response) and podcasts (clear voice).

We look forward to the launch on 9 March and a review following. I repeat, Sonos is unique. It is – part of the Sonos ecosystem – and not a competitor to Wi-Fi-based voice assistant speakers or Bluetooth speakers.

Sonos users will love it.