Speed charge offered with portable PowerPill plug

Here’s a fact that you might not know about the USB port: while almost every mobile device we buy can take a charge from them, they generally only deliver a small amount of power, and that can stop bigger devices like iPads and tablets from charging properly. So how do you fix this?

The obvious answer is “find a wall socket to charge your device,” and if it’s an emergency, “find a wall socket NOW” is the even more obvious answer. But if you don’t have one, or if you didn’t bring the power pack with you, Mint Technology has come up with a different solution.

Called the iStyle PowerPill, the concept is a rapid charge USB port adaptor that pushes more power out of your regular USB port and sends it to your device, making it possible to charge an iPad, iPad Mini, Android tablet, or any other device that normally relies on more than what the regular USB port can handle.

“The PowerPill is a unique product which solves a very real problem,” said Mint’s Kuni Ishii. “We are the only supplier of a rapid charge adaptor designed to increase output power from 500mA to 700-2,100mA, meaning you can charge directly from any PC or in-car for the ultimate in convenience.”

The PowerPill isn’t a replacement for a power pack, though. Rather, you plug it into a USB port (such as one on your laptop) and then the cable for the device that needs a charge into it, thereby allowing the USB port to supply more power.

Tablets in need of more power aren’t the only devices this could be used for, and used in conjunction with smartphones, the product could lead to even faster charging thanks to its increased power.

Pricing for the PowerPill is set to $29.95, with the product hitting retail shelves across the country this month.