The future is now: Samsung lets the vacuum clean itself

Few pieces of technology truly work without human intervention, but a new vacuum from Samsung aims to make cleaning something you don’t have to think about.

Hitting stores this week, Samsung’s update to its automated vacuum range now features the ability to empty itself, allowing the vacuum to do the thinking and cleaning for you, while you go on with your life.

The Samsung NaviBot takes advantage of an on-board camera that capture 15 pictures per second, essentially creating a virtual map of the house that it can use to work out where it needs to clean. Sensors are positions around the NaviBot S to stop it from bumping into obstacles and animals, and two central processing chips allow the robotic vacuum to make intelligent choices about where it cleans and progresses.

“The robot vacuum is one of the most innovative products for the Samsung Home Appliance category,” said Samsung Australia’s Head of Home Appliances, Mike Lilly. “Samsung have specifically designed the NaviBot S to ease the burden of cleaning.”

You can also control what parts of your home the NaviBot enters, setting up guarded places you might not want cleaned. For instance, if you’re deathly afraid that the robotic vacuum will go missing in the deep mess left by one of your kids, you can set a virtual guard up and stop the vacuum from working there.

In fact, about the only thing we think the NaviBot S won’t be able to do is travel up and down stairs, but if your home is flat and your itching to give the future a try long before The Jetsons’ Rosey robot is a reality, you can find this in store with the self-cleaning option for $1,299 RRP (SR8980) and without for $1,099 RRP (SR8950).