The New iPad – hands on preview

The Album View on the new iPhoto application.

New versions of iMovie, Garage Band and iWork were installed on the demo units, and we managed a very brief look at them. Most notably, a new iPhoto is available on iOS devices, and it has a lot of impressive features for managing, sharing and editing your photos. Apple seems to have incorporated the best of many 3rd party photo applications into one elegantly designed tool. We’ll write reviews on iPhoto for iOS and the other updated applications once we have some time to use them.

iPhoto has now been ported for the iPad and has some excellent photo-editing features.

The New iPad’s A5X chip appeared to do its job well. Menus, zooming functions, swiping and application loads were brisk – and there was no apparent stuttering or delays. During the short time that we spent with it, the New iPad seemed just as responsive as the iPad 2.

Looking closely, you can see the LTE network settings.

The New iPad’s LTE network compatibility in Australia is still a big question. At time of writing, it appears that the New iPad will definitely be faster than 3G tablets when operating on Dual Channel (DC) HSDPA cellular networks – as this is supported along with variations of LTE. DC HSDPA provides about 41Mbps versus the 7.2Mbps download speeds available with 3G. These are ‘theoretical figures’, however, so real-world speeds will be less. LTE is meant to be faster still – around 90Mbps but it does not appear that Australians will be able to enjoy the full speed capabilities of LTE yet – as Australian LTE networks are slightly different.