Three new Samsung Blu-ray home theatre systems – BD8200, BD1255 and BD1250

Samsung is about to release three Blu-ray home theatre systems this month, targeting the widening array of consumers looking to upscale their home entertainment experience.

The three systems, BD8200, BD1255 (picured above) and BD1250, each build on Samsung’s track record of developing groundbreaking Blu-ray products. The new range provides some of the strongest media options seen in a home theatre system; including wireless connectivity, iPod and USB compatibility and support for a wide range of movie, music and image file formats.


A perfect space saver without compromising on sound and picture quality, Samsung’s BD8200 is the world’s first blu-ray soundbar, and technology and innovation award winner at CES in 2009. If you’re looking for powerful deep bass in a system which fits seamlessly into any small living area the BD8200 is a superlative option.

The system’s sound quality is up there with the best on offer with an accompanying wireless subwoofer bringing not only sweet sounds but also giving you the freedom to arrange your living room however you choose; without worrying the hassle of multiple wired speakers.

BD1250 AND BD1255

Accompanying the BD8200 is the BD1250; a 5:1 bookshelf system which offers immersive sound quality to match its full HD visual offering. Rounding out the trailblazing range is the BD1255 – the sister system to the BD1250 which provides four tallboy speakers; giving you the option to fit out your living room with what looks, feels and sounds best for your space.

If content and connectivity are what you’re after, then the BD1250 and BD1255 will not disappoint. Both systems feature Samsung’s newly introduced PC streaming and Wi-Fi connectivity – which lets you stream content from your PC direct to your home theatre system over your wireless home network. This feature allows you to unlock all of the content stored on your home computer and enjoy on your home theatre system in full surround sound.

Adding to the connectivity options, these systems also feature crisp and clear sound playback which minimises distortion and static thanks to Samsung’s a Bio-Kelp speaker format. Timing and tonal balance has been immensely improved upon in this range; making the BD1250 and BD1255 amongst the best sounding and most convenient blu-ray home theatre systems in the market.


The new range of Samsung blu-ray home theatre systems offers the following features;

  • Wi-Fi ready: the whole new range allows wireless access to web via USB dongle. This allows you to access BD-Live content (interactive additional features available from the internet via the BD-Live disc) and the ability to stream content from your PC to your home theatre system
  • Made for iPod: iPod docking station enables users to effortlessly connect and listen to their favourite tracks via the supplied docking station
  • Wireless speakers: now you can enjoy flawless surround sound without the hassle of wires. The wireless subwoofer in the BD8200 and wireless rear speakers in the BD1250 and BD1255 make this range of blu-ray home theatre systems a user friendly, clutter-free option
  • Media Playback: going beyond audio quality, the upcoming blu-ray home theatre range offers a host media options for consumers looking at using a variety of multimedia sources. Samsung’s range of blu-ray home theatre systems will all feature an extensive range of audio and video codecs, such as the lossless Dolby TrueHD & DTS HD Master Audio formats along with DivX and MKV compatibility. This incredible compatibility allows playback of a huge range of formats via wireless network or USB 2.0 connection
  • Ease of use: features such as, colour coded speaker cables, auto-synching wireless modules coupled with Samsungs easy to follow menu system make this range of home theatres an easy and affordable technology option.

Price and availability

The BD8200, BD1255 and BD1250 will retail for $1299, $1599 and $1199 and will be available in stores from June 2009.