Today’s the day to buy Apple

Just a quicky: if you’re thinking of buying something Apple, consider doing it today. As Apple says, its “shopping event is on”. A wide range of Apple products are available with a kinda discount in the form of Apple Gift Cards.

For instance, you can get a free Apple Gift Card worth up to $70 if you buy “selected” iPhone models today. Or $35 for a series 1 Apple Watch or for an Apple TV. Up to $140 if you buy “selected” iPad models. Or an Apple Gift Card worth up to $200 with “selected” Mac computers.


That word “selected” is important. You can get the gift card if you buy an iPhone SE or an iPhone 6s, but not an iPhone 7.

So check out if today’s the day for you to make your purchase. Go to the Apple website, select the product you’re interested in and click “Buy”. If it’s eligible you’ll see a banner near the top of the page saying “Get an Apple Gift Card when you buy selected XXXXXX models today.” Where “XXXXXX” is of course “iPhone”, “iPad” and so on.