What’s the Matter with IoT connectivity – it’s a dog’s breakfast

Matter is the new IoT connectivity standard. It was known as Project Connected Home over IP (CHIP). The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), formerly known as the Zigbee Alliance, backs the new standard.

Matter is an organisation of hundreds of companies creating, maintaining, and delivering open, global standards for the Internet of Things (IoT). In essence, it should allow smart devices to talk to each other as long as they are Matter certified.

For example, the complete Philips Hue range of smart lights, bridges and accessories will receive OTA firmware updates (by Q4 2021). That means any Matter standard smart home controller can control and talk to the vast array of smart home devices. For example, an ambient light sensor could alter the light/hue levels to match outside light. No more blue light syndrome.

Signify is a leading smart lighting and a long-term leader in the Alliance. it is excited to be a driving force in the creation and adoption of Matter. We believe this multi-brand interoperability in the smart home will catalyse the benefit and value of smart lighting worldwide via both Philips Hue and WiZ.”

George Yianni, Head of Technology Philips Hue, on behalf of Signify.

 Key Matter technology attributes

Matter makes it easier for device manufacturers to build devices ensuring they are compatible with smart home and voice services, including Amazons Alexa, Apples HomeKit/Siri, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, and others. In addition, these ecosystems need to be interoperable as well.

The first Matter protocol will run on existing networking technologies such as Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Thread and Bluetooth Low Energy.

  • Simplicity – Easy to purchase and use. Simplifying connected experiences.
  • Interoperability – Devices from multiple brands work natively together. Providing greater compatibility.
  • Reliability – Consistent and responsive local connectivity.
  • Security – Maintaining secure connections. Robust and streamlined for developers and users.
  • Flexibility – Matter makes it easy for users to set up and control their devices with multiple ecosystems simultaneously.

GadgetGuy’s take – at last things Matter

At last, we will see some interoperability in smart devices. I can’t begin to tell you the frustration experienced with early IoT devices trying to get a working smart home. I settled on Google Assistant, which meant Alexa, SmartThings and HomeKit would not work with them. Not to mention the plethora of Asian made smart devices, all requiring their hubs and apps.

Matter should also address security issues, especially for orphaned devices without future updates.

We create marks of trust, and Matter is an important milestone for users in our long history of delivering unifying, secure, reliable and trustworthy standards for the IoT. I’m very excited to unveil Matter as a foundational element in delivering a truly connected world.”

Tobin Richardson, President and CEO of the Connectivity Standards Alliance

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