Woolies in with a post-paid offer and last year’s phone

Big new phones aren’t always the best on the market, and if you don’t care about something that has 2015 stamped all over it, Woolies may have something for you complete with a new plan.

Your local supermarket may not be the first place you think of when you have the idea of buying a phone, but ever since Coles started bringing it, Woolies has had to get in there.

In fact, Woolworths has been in this category for a while, and it even went away and then came back, but this week’s announcement isn’t just for a new plan, but also a plan with a phone, as the supermarket delivers a former flagship smartphone for its budget telco offering.

As such, you’ll find Samsung’s Galaxy S5 making a re-appearance in the world of mobiles, with Woolies bringing the device to a $38 per month plan over a period of two years (24 months), with this new plan bringing 1GB data, $1000 worth of calls, and unlimited SMS, too.

Extra data can be bought at 1GB for $10, and Woolworths says it will bring a “zero bill shock” promise, which means there’s a hard limit on how much you can spend, suggesting you’ll never get one of those bills that makes you faint.


“We’re excited about the launch of our Phone Plan with our great Samsung deal for Christmas,” said Jason Hair, Head of Telco at Woolworths.

“The S5 handset coupled with generous call and data inclusions and backed by a zero bill shock promise make it very attractive for value conscious customers. On top of this, our pre-paid offers are now even stronger with significant value for the same great price.”

One thing of note is that while Woolworths relies on the Telstra network, the service is only 3G at the moment, despite the Samsung Galaxy S5 being a 4G device. Unfortunately, with 3G only, that means using it on the Woolies network will only deliver 3G service, though a representative for the company did say that it was coming.

“When the 4G service is available from Telstra on their wholesale package, Woolworths is committed to migrating all of our services over,” said Hair, later telling GadgetGuy that 4G would likely arrive before June of 2016.


And if you don’t need the phone, prepaid plans are also available, with a $30 and $45 option providing either $1000 worth of calls or unlimited respectively ($45 plans get the unlimited plan), while the data is set to 2.5GB and 5GB respectively.

“Woolworths offers access to parts of Telstra’s 3G network at a great price, with more value for our loyal Woolworths Rewards members,” said Hair. “We are thrilled to add more products to our line-up and to continue bringing even greater value to our customers.”


The Woolworths plans are available now online and in-store.