Zoku takes a hint from ice cream makers, offers slushies instead

Summer usually means you can break out the truly cold drinks to stay cool on a hot day, and nothing is cooler than a drink that is encased in ice, which is pretty much what Zoku has envisioned with a new little gadget.

It’s called the “Slush and Shake,” and is Zoku’s latest attempt at shrinking the ice cream maker technology commonly found in models that lack a compressor and finding new uses for it.

That use is to make slushies and milkshakes quickly and easily, taking advantage of the pre-freeze refrigerant gel that normally sits in an ice pack, and instead here sits in the casing of the Zoku Slush and Shake cup, allowing you to freeze it ahead of time, and then pour in fruit juice, milk, yoghurt, or anything else you think would make a good drink.

With an immensely cold cup, the liquid will quickly become slushy and icy, bringing it closer to liquid ice cream and sorbet, and making it ideal for the hot day.

The technology isn’t far off one of Zoku’s other products, the Zoku Pop Maker, which uses the same refrigerant gel in a block to help people make ice blocks in minutes, pouring the liquid ingredients in and popping a plastic holder stick in place so that when it freezes perfectly, people can pull the ice block out and eat it straight away.

From what we understand, this is essentially the same, but in a cup, and with more emphasis on drinking than taking bites out of a block of frozen milk or juice.

Priced at around $30 each, though, the Slush and Shake is easy for anyone to get in on, with availability coming to stores across the country shortly.