10 reasons to buy a robot lawn mower


Your lawn deserves the same treatment as your carpet. Robot vacuum cleaners are commonplace, so why not a robot lawn mower, too? Buying a robot lawn mower gives you more time to relax, and keeps your lawn looking the way YOU want it. It can cut the grass to schedule and never misses a mow. Even if it’s raining, it will get back on the job as soon as things dry up.

To use a robot lawn mower, you just need to lay out a boundary wire around the perimeter of your lawn and set up the robot mower’s charging station (which needs a mains power connection). Then it’s time to sit back, relax, and let your robot mower keep your lawn looking trim and terrific.

There are lots of reasons to buy a robot lawn mower, and here are 10 of the most important.

Keep the lawn tidy

When mowing the lawn is all down to you, the temptation to skip a Saturday is often too much to bear. But ignoring the lawn for just two weeks can leave it looking scruffy. A robot lawn mower mows to a schedule (that you program). But not only that, some robot mowers, such as those from Landroid, have a rain sensor that helps determine when conditions are likely to be best for mowing.

Mow to your exacting standards

Sometimes you need to delegate the job of lawn mowing, but unless you’re paying a professional, there can often be… shall we say… attitudinal issues, resulting in a less than perfect job. A robot lawn mower has only one attitude: let’s mow! And the internal mapping systems ensure the robot mower won’t quit mowing until it has done all the lawn it can.

Stop stinking out the neighbours

A robot lawn mower is also an electric mower, so that means no belching petrol/oil smells as you roar back and forth across the front lawn. Your neighbours will notice the difference (and who knows, might even be inspired to go electric themselves).

Tidy grass, quietly done

Saturday morning is the traditional mowing time, but why be a slave to tradition? You can schedule your robot lawn mower to mow on Monday afternoons at 1:30pm when everyone is at work, or even at night.

Not that timing really matters, because the electric motor at the heart of your robot lawn mower is so much quieter than a two-stroke. And Landroid models with a built-in rain sensor will head back to their charger if the weather turns – and of course will go back to charge automatically during mowing, too.

No fighting with the shed

A robot lawn mower lives in its charging station. That means when it’s mowing time, you don’t need to wrench open the shed door and fight with a hose and three bikes just to get the mower out. A robot mower slides smoothly out of its charging station and gets on with the job. And as the battery runs down, a robot mower will return to the charger for a top-up. If you keep your lawn clear of obstacles, then you shouldn’t have to lift a finger during the mowing process.

Maintenance couldn’t be easier!

Forget blowing gunk out of fuel lines or screaming at a spark plug that won’t come out. A robot lawn mower is almost maintenance-free. All you need to do is give the mower a regular check over for trapped grass and keep its blades clear.

As for the blades, a robot lawn mower uses multiple sharp razor-like blades that are cheap and easy to replace as they get used up. No need to get them sharpened. Once a year or so, get your robot lawn mower checked by your local experts – more and more mower shops are supporting robot lawn mowers now.

Nature’s little helper

A robot lawn mower uses a mulching system to feed your lawn as it cuts your lawn. By using smaller, sharper blades, and more of them, the robot lawn mower cuts grass into tinier pieces which are directed back into the lawn. There, they provide nutrients for the grass to keep it looking lush – while also looking tidy.

Safe and pet/child proof

Curious pets and children who have been told not to mess with the robot lawn mower, are still likely to poke and prod where they should not. So along with obstacle detection, your robot lawn mower includes tip-and-tilt protection. That means if the mower bumps into anything unexpected, it will stop the blades.

It will also stop if the mower is lifted or tilted up. And finally, for the ultimate in peace of mind, on models like the Landroid, there’s a big red stop button that will shut down the mower when given a good stomp. 

A machine for (almost) any lawn

You can get a robot lawn mower for almost any size of lawn, even up to an acre. Of course, mowers capable of handling larger lawns cost more, but there’s a mower that’s the right size and price for you. Lawns do need to be relatively smooth, but many robot lawn mowers can operate at an angle of up to 30 degrees. If you have a bunch of slopes and levels, you might have a bit more of a complex install of the boundary wire – but many robot lawn mower retailers offer installation as part of the price.

Sip as your robot mower clips

One of the best things about a robot lawn mower is that it doesn’t shut down the use of the garden while it’s mowing. It’s quiet, it doesn’t smell, it’s not even that large an object milling about. You can relax on the deck or patio as your robot lawn mower trundles around doing the work you used to have to give up your Saturday mornings to do. What could be better than that?