Up to 14 hours of portable Bluetooth sound from JAM

I have a mild but, I think, largely untreatable anxiety condition. I’m worried about my batteries running out. Will the phone last through the day? Will my flashlight expire while I’m walking the dog, now that sunset is getting in early again? Will my Bluetooth earphones stop keeping me entertained before I get back?

Well, there is one partial treatment: devices with a long battery life. Which is where the JAM Transit City Noise Canceling (sic) headphones come in. The spelling might not be ideal, but up to fourteen hours of battery life should make sure I don’t run out of power.

Jam says there are over-ear models, the better to reduce noise and contain the bass. They use active noise cancelling technology to provide clearer sound, and fold up for convenient carrying.

If, somehow, the battery should go, you can use them wired to your portable device.

In Bluetooth mode, they have controls for adjusting the volume, skipping tracks and taking calls.

The JAM Transit Noise Canceling headphones are available from JB Hi-Fi for $199. JB avoids the spelling issues neatly by just referring to them as the “Jam Transit City Wireless Over-Ear Headphones”.