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Samsung’s Galaxy Note10 and 10+ hit the streets on 23 August, and the press releases on cases, accessories and more roll in. Here is a round-up from bulletproof to bling.

Note that Australia only gets the Note10 Aura White and Aura Black devices. Note all prices are RRP and for the Note10+ – the Note10 may be lower cost and freight may be extra.

Let’s start with Samsung genuine Note10 accessories.

Led ‘starlight’ cover illuminates the back of your phone with mood lighting and simple notification icons.  $69 (image left below)

Protective Standing Cover stands up to drops and falls while also propping up your phone at two viewing angles. $59 (image rigth below)

Samsung Note10 genuine

Clear View Cover lets you take calls and control music without opening the cover. $69 (image left below)

LED View Cover gives you a range of custom LED icons that notify you at a glance. $89 (image rigth below)

Samsung Note10 genuine

Leather Cover wraps Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ in luxurious calfskin, available in a range of colours $79 (image left below)

 Silicone Cover protects your phone with a soft and smooth material that also provides a comfortable grip. $39 (image rigth below)

Samsung Note10 genuine

 45W Travel Adapter plugs Galaxy Note10+ in for a fast boost of power with 30 minutes PD 2.0 charging (no image)

Wireless Charger Stand – Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 10W+ $129

Samsung Note10 charger

Convertible Wireless Charger flat to stand 15W $119

Samsung Note10 charger

Wireless Charger Duo Pad gives your phone a fast boost with Fast Wireless Charging 2.0 while charging Galaxy Watch Active2 at the same time. $149 (image left below)

Type-C to 3.5mm Adapter lets you use your favourite headphones without sacrificing audio quality. $20 (image rigth below)

Samsung Note10 cable

100W USB-C to USB-C cable $15 (no image)

Wireless battery pack charger $99 (no image)