Alcatel goes ‘Family Zone’ friendly

Alcatel family zone

Alcatel will preinstall Family Zone, a unique and innovative cloud-based ecosystem that enables parents to set enforceable internet and device access policies across any device and network.

Alcatel family zoneIt is available from mid-year (is it nearly April already?) on Alcatel’s innovative, new 18:9 screen range starting at just $99. Alcatel is number three by volume of handsets sold in Australia according to IDC.

Alcatel says parents looking at the perfect mobile phone for their children will be keen. The backstory is that Sam Skontos, Alcatel’s local MD uses the Family Zone app as part of looking after his children.

Many schools are beginning to mandate Family Zone if students want to bring a phone to school. No Family Zone means the phone goes in the school locker for the day.

Skontos says Family Zone is not about snooping.

While parents can use the app to be across their kid’s surfing habits, length of time, data usage, and can limit and monitor everything, it is about teaching children responsibility and working within agreed limits.

“My passion stems from a very personal experience for me, as a father with the opportunity to work with my children on what they can access on their mobile phones, when and for how long. Family Zone pre-loaded on all new Alcatel devices is an extension of my concerns as a parent, and our desire to help provide more peace of mind to Australian families,” Skontos said.

 Alcatel’s new range is only a few sleeps away

“There is a lot of excitement around our new range and for good reason. First, we have the new highly specified 1, 3 and 5 series from $99, $199 and $299 respectively. Second, we present a compelling option for parents who are considering a mobile phone for their child.”

 About Family Zone

Over 180 of Australia’s premier schools use the Australian developed Family Zone. More than 200,000 families rely on it daily.

But the adoption of parental control apps has been low. This is despite growing concern by parents about the dangers unfettered smart device use presents.

It is easy to set-up as a cloud-based ecosystem. It enables parents to set agreed, enforceable, internet and device access policies across any device and network.

Family Zone use is snowballing and winning partnerships with major providers of connectivity including schools and globally significant telecommunication companies.

Its on-device technology called Mobile Zone runs on Android, iOS, macOS, Windows and Chromebooks to complete the security circle.

Family Zone Managing Director, Tim Levy, said, “In the past 18 months we’ve achieved a lot of success and a lot of ‘firsts’. Our Alcatel alliance is one of our proudest. Family Zone’s vision is for our technology to be embedded on every device and network that our kids use. We are in schools across the world and have agreements with Telcos and access point manufacturers globally. Our agreement with Alcatel, however, completes the picture with a manufacturer of mobile devices joining the ecosystem. We are proud that we can now demonstrate the fullness of our vision.”