Aldi consults with pro baristas for a new machine

Coffee pod makers aren’t always created equal, something our reviews tend to indicate, but Aldi is looking to improving its own system, and has even grabbed a coffee making champion to make it happen.

If you’re a coffee fan and one that likes to save a bit of quid on the liquid bean that keeps you up in the morning, Aldi is hoping to grab your attention with some changes to its coffee maker range known as the Expressi machines.

For the 2015 model, the shopping company has partnered with Australian champion barista Craig Simon to engineer a machine that Aldi says will “draw on Craig’s experience”, specifically to how the coffee capsules are designed to work.


“When a good barista prepares a coffee they take care of the fine details such as grinding, dosing and tamping the coffee to extract the maximum aroma, flavour and body. The outcome of this is a coffee without too much bitterness, and includes a beautiful nutty crema that crowns the perfect espresso,” said a spokesperson for Aldi in Australia.

“The new Expressi capsule technology uses the high pressure of the espresso machine to perfectly tamp the coffee inside the capsule just before the coffee starts brewing. This allows the rich, gradual coffee extraction that creates the perfect, honey-like espresso pour.

“The second big step working with Craig was to take our range of coffee blends and enhance the characters that make each of them unique, so that each coffee becomes more distinctive,” said the spokesperson.

So the coffee has changed as has the way the extraction takes place, making it a little more than a foil packed capsule of coffee that changes the moment liquid hits it, which is often what you find from some of the clones of Nespresso, and that’s good news for the customer.

Convenient coffee may well be the bulk of why many of us purchase coffee capsule machines, but convenient coffee still has to be tasty, and Aldi is betting on that with its 2015 Expressi.


The machine has also been built to clean itself, automatically eject the capsule, and even allow you to program how much water makes a cup of coffee with, offering three distinct styles. There’s no milk frother in the box, though, so you’ll need to spend a little extra if you want one of these.

Pricing for the machine sits at $79.99, where it will be sold from November 25 as a “special buy” before moving to the every day range in 2016.

As for the capsules, the range of 11 blends be found at stores across the country, though like it has been for both Aldi’s previous machines and capsules, it essentially will be on a first come first serve basis, so if you want one before next year, you’ll need to get in quick.