Deebot Neo Aldi Special Buys: grab a half-price robot vacuum

Ecovacs Deebot Neo Aldi Special Buys

Prepare your shopping carts, because the Ecovacs Deebot Neo Aldi Special Buys promotion means you can score an impressive robot vacuum cleaner for only $399, a massive half-price discount.

Update 8 March 2023: This deal is live now as part of Aldi’s Wednesday 8 March Special Buys range. Stock varies between stores, so get in soon to take advantage of the sale. The original article continues below.

We recently reviewed the affordable robot vacuum cleaner ahead of the deal going live and came away suitably impressed. It’s a great little gadget for anyone who dreads vacuuming or simply wants to save time on household chores. My partner and I became quite enamoured with the device, nicknaming it Betsy, as you do.

Ecovacs Deebot Neo Aldi Special Buys sale

At $799, the Deebot Neo performs admirably well, which makes $399 an absolute bargain. Its 2,600pa suction power works well on hard flooring, while the adjustable power settings help suck up hair and pet fur from carpets as well. Although its included mop function isn’t as strong as the vacuum, it doesn’t really matter at this price.

As with many robot vacuums, the Deebot Neo uses a mobile app interface to take care of your home. After an easy-to-follow setup process, it maps your home and recognises different rooms for you to adjust settings as needed. You can even set regular cleaning schedules for the robot vacuum to follow, and designate no-go areas you want to tidy manually. Another impressive feature is how well the Deebot Neo navigates around furniture using its laser-based sensor technology and collision detection.

A silver tabby cat and the Ecovacs Deebot Neo robot vacuum
My cat, Billie, hates the robot vacuum. Here, an uneasy alliance emerges.

The sale, which is part of Aldi’s Summer Spruce Up Special Buys range, starts on Wednesday 8 March. Based on previous promotions, the popular Ecovacs Deebot Neo will likely sell out quickly. You can see the online listing now, but it’ll only be available in stores, with stock varying between locations.

Other products available alongside the Ecovacs Deebot Neo Aldi promotion include various cleaning items. These range from discounted cloths, wipes, brooms, and a $69.99 steam mop with an included soap dispenser.

Needless to say, the Deebot Neo has our strong recommendation, especially at $399. I’ll likely try and grab one for my parents when the sale starts next Wednesday. For anyone else braving the Special Buys, good luck, and may the stores have plenty of stock!

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