Aldi enters mobile market with $35 unlimited plan

Not looking to lose loads of that precious money on a bill shock? German supermarket chain Aldi has joined the mobile game with a few plans that are sure to grab people.

Announced at the end of last week (apologies, we were returning from the Samsung Forum), Aldi has entered the mobile market, launching plans that use Telstra’s 3G network.

There are three prepaid plans to speak of, with two running for 30 days – a mobile internet plan with 2GB data for $15 every month and a $35 plan offers unlimited voice, text, SMS, and 5GB data – while the third lasts an entire year and offers up a pay as you go system, with recharges in either $15 or $30 increments for 12 cent per minute calls, 12 cents texts, and 5 cent megabyte downloads.

“We identified a need in the Australian market for straightforward, clean and simple pricing structures and believe that our three plans tick all those boxes, making it hassle-free for customers to stay connected,” said a spokesperson for Aldi.

“At Aldi Australia, we are committed to offering our customers high quality products at exceptional value with no lock-in contracts, no flag fall rates, low call rates, fair and transparent pricing and brilliant coverage using a fast and reliable network.”

Similar to Kogan’s attempt to take on telcos in this country, the plans will run on Telstra’s old 3G network, the one that predates NextG’s 3.5G network, which should have no problems with voice or text, but will only grab up to 7Mbps down on data, and will more likely achieve between 3 and 5Mbps max.

While we’re sure there are some who won’t have a problem with those speeds, it’s worth mentioning that if you’re used to NextG or 4G speeds, these aren’t the data transfer rates on offer through Aldi’s service.

AldiMobile launches from March 6, and will be available across Aldi stores in Australia.

UPDATE: …and there’s a phone to go with the service, too!