Aldi offers 3G for cheap with 30 days of talk, text

You might associate Aldi with buying milk and bread, but with its latest changes, it really wants to be seen as a friendly budget mobile provider, too.

Rolling out in late September, Aldi’s take on what constitutes low priced mobile offerings is a little different than the other majors, with the likelihood of keeping prices quite down especially given that it doesn’t have access to 4G, which suits people who don’t want or need high-speed mobile access.

If you count yourself in that group and don’t believe mobile internet is a big deal, the Aldi packs may well sound like a good option, with this week the company adding a few value packs to its lineup, offering up to 50,000 SMS and 125 minutes of calls per month for $15, or that same ridiculous 50,000 SMS supply alongside 500 minutes of calls and 1.5GB of data for 30 days sitting at $25.

But what if you talk more than that, and never put the phone down?

Then Aldi has something very unusual provided you spend $35 or more.

If you don’t mind spending that sort of cash on a monthly basis, you’ll find 43,200 minutes of talk available to you.

Or to put that in common English, that’s 30 days of non-stop talk for every month you pay.

As a point, to consume that sort of voice plan and really get the most bang for your buck, you’d have to keep your phone charged and connected to someone at all hours of the day, and basically never sleep.

Since you’ll probably be sleeping, eating, and living your life, it is close to impossible to spend that 43,200 minutes of talk, especially since you get 50,000 SMS in that $35 pack, as well as 2.5GB data and 20,000 MMS.

If all of these numbers seem a little arbitrary, what they translate to is essentially an unlimited amount of calls and text every time you pay, without so much as calling it that.

Aldi says these packs should be rolling out to anyone purchasing an Aldi Mobile SIM in one of its Aldi stores across Australia from September 23, with each $5 SIM featuring $5 credit to start with from the moment it has been activated.

Now you just need someone to call.