Amaysim grabs more data for budget buyers

More choice is always better, and when it comes to saving money, we’re big on that, too. In the mobile space, both are big areas where companies do battle, which appears to be where budget telco Amaysim is playing right now.

And in that category, Amaysim will be updating the data amount of one plan and reducing the cost of another, as it seeks to drive a wedge between itself and the other players in the market.

As such, the 5GB plan with unlimited text and talk is now dropping $5 per month, allowing you to save that money and put it to better use, say buying yourself one more coffee on a monthly basis (because you needed that).

Meanwhile, the largest of the Amaysim plans gets a little boost, with the 7GB previously $55 plan dropping back to $49.90 and getting an extra gigabyte of data to work with, capping out at 8GB monthly on the Optus 4G network.


“We know Aussies want simplicity and certainty from their day-to-day expenses, which is why we’ve moved to our ‘one decision’ mobile plan model,” said Julian Ogrin, CEO of Amaysim, adding that “now the only decision Australians have to make is how much data they want each month.”

“We’re more focused than ever on ensuring all of our unlimited mobile plans offer excellent value for customers old and new, while delivering on our commitment to be Australia’s ‘no worries’ telco,” he said.

Amaysim’s plan prices kick in from the beginning of November, which means if you look this week, you’ll find they’ve changed, affecting both new and current customers.