Amazon Echo Show 15 is out now in Australia

Featuring the largest display of any Amazon smart home assistant to date, the Echo Show 15 is now available for purchase from Australian retailers starting at $399.

Eclipsing the 10.1-inch display size of the Echo Show 10, the Echo Show 15 features a 15.6-inch 1080p Full HD screen and a 5-megapixel camera. Built using Amazon’s next-gen AZ2 Neural Edge processor, the Echo Show 15 is able to take advantage of machine learning technology to provide facial recognition features.

One recent addition made possible by this neural technology is Visual ID. Through the Echo Show 15’s camera, Alexa can recognise individual household members and personalise the display accordingly. This includes custom greetings, showing calendar reminders and recently streamed content specific to each person.

Amazon Alexa Show 15

For privacy-conscious users concerned about data collection, Visual ID is entirely opt-in, and the Echo Show 15 includes a physical camera shutter alongside controls to disable the camera and microphone.

Like other Echo Show devices, the latest model’s display doubles as a touchscreen, offering several different input options. Unlike the Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen), this model does not rotate and follow you around the room. That could be seen as a selling point for anyone a bit creeped out by an omniscient all-seeing assistant.

As for entertainment, the Echo Show 15 is capable of streaming TV shows and movies from Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, in addition to playing music, podcasts and audiobooks. It also functions as a digital photo frame, with the option to display images from Amazon Photos and various pre-loaded galleries.

Along with its framed exterior, the Echo Show 15 is designed to be either mounted to a wall or placed on a counter, with both portrait and landscape orientations supported. To help prop the device up when not mounted, a bundle including a tilt stand is available direct from Amazon for $448.95.

Intended for use in highly-trafficked areas like the kitchen, the Echo Show 15 appears to offer an all-in-one smart assistant option for busy families.

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