Arlo slashes prices on security cameras by as much as $200

Arlo security camera price reduction - Ultra 2

A little while ago, we reported on the new arrival of the Arlo Pro 5 2K security camera. Among several hardware upgrades, what grabbed our attention was its $329 price tag, less than the previous model’s $369 listing. As it turns out, the pricing is part of a wider company strategy, resulting in lower prices for several of the brand’s devices.

Notably, the Ultra 2 three-camera kit’s recommended retail price (RRP) is now $1,099, down from $1,299. The Ultra 2 is a home security camera system we’ve sung the praises of many times before, so any price drop is welcome news indeed. Additionally, Arlo also recently dropped the price of its Arlo Secure subscription service, signalling that the adjustments have been in the works for a while.

It’s not just the high-end products seeing permanent discounts, either. The company’s Essential range and smart doorbell products have also seen cost reductions, making the cheapest camera now $159.

Making the Arlo security camera range more affordable

Labelled a “price repositioning” by the home security brand, the move appears to be a response to the current cost of living challenges faced by many Australians. According to Bradley Little, Arlo Vice President of Sales APAC, security should be an affordable commodity.

“Security should be accessible to everyone, and we believe that cost shouldn’t be a barrier to achieving that,” Little said. “With this price repositioning, we’re making it easier for people to protect what matters most to them at a time of rising financial stress.”

Following the adjustments, here at what you’ll be paying for some of Arlo’s home security range:

If you’ve wanted to invest in home security, now’s as good a time as any.

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