Aussies crack open a beer with… their iPhone 5? Struth!

Not everyone needs a phone case – we get by just fine without one – but if you do, you have an iPhone 5, and you’re a fan of a good beer, there’s now a case that combines all three things.

Created by two Australians from Melbourne, the Opena is a bottle opener inside an iPhone case, designed to let you crack open bottles of beer, cider, and other not-so-screw-top-based beverages.

Built upon the success of the iPhone 4 and 4S cases, the latest version has been designed for the more elongated form of the iPhone 5, and is thinner than previous generation of iPhone models. The casing features a slide-out stainless steel bottle opener, that can be hidden easily, you know, for when you’re not popping the top off something tasty.

With Christmas here in the few weeks, it could be a great gift for iPhone 5 owners, especially if they haven’t quite found that magic case to gel with their personality.

We haven’t seen any stores with it yet, but if you’re at all interested, you can find it on the Opena Case store.