Next, having no brewing knowledge, I would have preferred a comprehensive ‘cookbook’ instead of the excellently instructive videos. Some people learn by reading and some by seeing. I swear I watched a dozen videos at least ten times before I got it.

And after the BeerDroid has done its work is the kegging stage – another few weeks before drinking stage. Mind you, you can buy more BrewPrints and kegs and start a mini brewery.

My homebrew mate admires the unit and says while its expensive (to his Scottish nature) the ability to both heat and chill (down to 3 deg) and the easy cleaning makes for an excellent product.

I like the BrewPrints packs as they should reduce error. A true homebrewer will eschew them saying they can make beer for 50-100 cents a bottle whereas this is more like $3 a bottle (forgetting capital costs).

We will report back on the BrewFlo, and the American Pale Ale results in a few weeks.