Beko dishwashers cater to children with “baby care” program

Kids can leave plates and cutlery in so many places, you’re never sure if the dishwasher will really sterilise everything, but what if a dishwasher had a program made for handling this work?

Turkish appliance maker Beko thinks it has found a solution in the form of a program able to be run on its dishwashers, running the cleaning cycle at the hotter-than-normal 70 degrees Celsius, to make sure that no bacteria could possibly remain, a comforting fact if you’ve ever had to dig through mess to find where spoons and plates have been.

Bottles can also be taken care of in this way, with Beko adding a baby bottle holder accessory to the lower dishwasher basket, with an antibacterial seal designed to make sure the dishwasher stays hygienic.

To find this baby care program, you’ll need to see one of two 60cm dishwasher models made by Beko, with the DSFN6831 available for $929, or the DSFN6835 (which adds a lower noise mode) for $999, both ranges available in white or stainless steel.