Bissell builds a vacuum to get into the nitty gritty

Vacuum cleaners often miss the bits and grits in tight spaces, like what’s in between wood panels, deep tiles, and other thin spaces, but a new development from Bissell aims to fix it.

That development is something the company is calling “EdgeReach” and is basically an improvement to the head of a vacuum cleaner that brings suction to the edge of the head rather than a few millimetres out from the plastic normally surrounding it.

This solution means that floors with thin perimeters that often trap dirt and other nasties you’re trying to suck up can be grabbed by the vacuum instead of forcing you to get on your knees and hold the vacuum directly over the slit, making sure — with your own eyes — that the vacuum does its job right.

That’s the technology Bissell is bringing to the “Bolt Ion,” a vacuum designed to be used around the entire home, and cord-free at that, relying on a rechargeable battery with either 30 minutes or 40 minutes run time depending on the model you choose and a recharge time of just under four hours.

Beyond this, the technology looks to be pretty useful for home spaces, with a two-in-one design incorporating both a stand-up vacuum and a hand-held, and a specialty handle that allows the vacuum to get under tables without making you bend down.

The bigger unit (25.2V) also comes with a pet hair brush and extension wand when you need to use the hand-held vacuum for ceilings and upper areas, but make sure to plug it back into the main vacuum if you want to use the vacuum in the stand configuration.

Availability is now for the vacuums at major electronics retailers, with pricing coming in at $249 for the 18V battery option that runs for 30 minutes cord-free in blue and orange variants, while the 25.2V model with 40 minutes of battery time will see release for $299 in lime green.