Coles joins in on CommBank’s fun with its own Pay Tag

Remember this day in history, for it might be called “The Day of the Pay Tag.” Or it could just be Thursday. We could never get the hang of Thursdays.

We don’t think everyone will recognise this day as the day the sticker-based Pay Tag came to town, but with a second announcement of identical technology, you can see why we’d think this way.

That second announcement of PayTag technology comes from Coles, which has launched a 5,000 person consumer trial of a contactless credit card technology that looks and performs similarly to what Commonwealth Bank has also launched today.

It even has a similar name, with Coles calling it the “Coles MasterCard Pay Tag,” which is close to the Commonwealth Bank’s PayTag we saw earlier today.

The Coles option is also the same size, and even sticks to the back of a phone, relying on a customer’s Coles MasterCard account to use the sticker on the phone to make a payment with the MasterCard PayPass technology, which is included on the Coles EFTPOS machines.

“Our customers are constantly looking for ways to simplify their lives, save time and effectively manage their finances,” said Rob Scott, Coles Finance Director. “The new Coles Pay Tag is set to do just that.”

From what we’re seeing, the sticker will work just like the Commonwealth Bank one, with either an iOS or Android device required to download and run the app which works in combination with the sticker.

Unlike the Commonwealth option, though, the Coles Pay Tag is being run in an opt-in trial, so if you want to see what the fuss is about and currently have a Coles MasterCard, you’ll be invited shortly to join from the end of October.