D-Link adds a camera, travel companion, support for the new 802.11ac WiFi standard

Networking is changing, and over at CES, D-Link is looking to be at the forefront, with the company announcing several new products aimed at bringing you home surveillance and your network where ever you are.

You’d expect a company know for bringing routing gear to have a new router at CES, and you’d be right. In fact, it’s not just one, but two, both offering access to your home network from anywhere there’s an internet connection with apps made for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

The new D-Link Cloud lineup includes the small inexpensive Cloud Router (DIR-605L, above) designed to show you what websites people at home are visiting, and the high-performance Amplifi HD Media Router 3000 (DIR-857) router offering dual-band 802.11n access, 4 Gigabit ports, support for high-speed USB 3.0 devices, and access to your media from anywhere there’s an internet connection.

It’s more than just routers and networking gear, though, with D-Link also announcing the Cloud Camera 5000, a new 720p HD surveillance camera with a motorised base designed to let you control the camera from afar. So if you’re on holiday and want to check up on what’s going on at home, you’d merely log into D-Link’s website and check out what’s going on.

Motion detection is also included, as is a microSD card slot, two way audio, and WiFi 802.11n connection, meaning you can place it anywhere and feel like Big Brother.

D-Link's Cloud Camera can watch over your home in 720p.

No word on price or availability locally, but we’ve got the latest surveillance gear from D-Link on our review desk now, so we should have some idea of what these new gadgets will be like shortly.

One of the more interesting products is D-Link’s All-In-One Mobile Companion (DIR-505). This gadget is a tiny pack that plugs into the wall and manages to include a small router, the ability to act as an access point, USB charging port for smartphones, and multimedia sharing.

We’re quite keen to grab one of these and take it travelling, affording our smartphone the opportunity to share a hotel wireless connection while we update the website on our laptops.

D-Link hasn’t announced an Australian date yet, but it says the companion will be available in April in America for less than $75.

D-Link's travel companion sounds like a gadget we won't be able to live without.


Finally, D-Link said that it will be one of the companies supporting the new high-speed 802.11ac standard, offering speeds faster than 802.11n, achieving high data transfer rates and being better for streaming high definition and 3D films.

The new routers will be backwards compatible with the current 802.11n standard and should be available in the second half of 2012.