So, I’ve been bullied online and offline, and through those years of experience, have learned a thing or two about how to deal with it.

Just ignore it.

Don't like the way someone is treating you? Block them.

Strategy in action

People who use the online world as a forum to vent against others are called ‘trolls’, and they’re not going to go away.

They are like the neighbour you don’t like who scowls at you, or hisses at your pet, except they live inside your tablet, smartphone or PC.

They will, of course, say what they want, when they want, but many won’t ever fully understand that the web will keep a record of their vicious commentary long into the future, where it can be used to discredit them from potential careers, relationships and travel ambitions.

You, on the other hand, are probably an awesome person. Awesome in your own unique way, and keen to take on the world however you choose, so why should it matter what someone says about you – especially someone you’ve never met or aren’t friends with in real life?

On the internet, the amount of followers someone has doesn’t reflect how cool they are, just how many people are reading what they have to say.

On Facebook, the number of friends doesn’t say how many people actually like that person, just how many individuals they have added. Over at LinkedIn, the sheer size of connections doesn’t mean the worker is quality, just that they have ‘connected’ with that many other people.

So if someone says something horrible about you and they have lots of friends or followers, ask yourself if you really care, and if the answer is yes, ask yourself why.

Consider too, that psychologists can work for years to transform mean, negative personalities, so in the shorthand universe of Facebook and Twitter where 140 characters passes as communication, it really is pointless to even try.

So don’t engage with trolls. At all.

Ignore them. It’s much easier.